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About Me.

My name is Monica Calfa, I'm a psychologist and experiential therapist and I'm living in beautiful Utrecht. I was born and raised in Romania and I moved to the Netherlands in 2017. After I finished my bachelor studies in psychology, I graduated a 4-year training in person-centered experiential psychotherapy with the Romanian Institute of Experiential Psychotherapy (SPER Institute). 


I obtained my Master degree in psychology from Maastricht University and I'm currently following an extensive training at the Dutch Institute for Gestalt studies, the NSG Academy, Amsterdam.


My strong interests are in attachment trauma and self-regulation, ways to build secure relationships through awareness and presence, ways to be in the body and not just the brain.

Psychologist and person-centered experiential therapist

Completed Education

  • four-year training (over 650 hours) of person-centered experiential psychotherapy at the Romanian SPER Institute, and accredited by the Romanian Institute of Pscyhologists (COPSI). Experiential psychotherapy is a person-centered, non-directive method of psychotherapy taught as a holistic method, which combines elements of psychodynamic therapies, gestalt therapy, creative group therapies, NLP, transgenerational and psychogenealogical therapy.

  • training in body-oriented psychotherapy with mindfulness, accredited by the Romanian Institute of Pscyhologists (COPSI). This training empowered me with specialized techniques to help individuals tap into their somatic experiences and integrate them into their psychological well-being. It's incredible how our bodies hold valuable insights and can be instrumental in our healing journey!

  • Master's degree in Psychology from Maastricht University, with a specialization in Health and Social Psychology, where I delved into the complex interplay between psychology, mental health, and self-regulation.

Currently in Education

2022 - current

NSG Academy, Amsterdam

I strongly believe in continous learning and professional development. Since 2022, I have become interested in Gestalt therapy therefore, I'm currently following an extensive training at the Dutch Institute for Gestalt studies, the NSG Academy, Amsterdam. This approach, rooted in the power of awareness and embracing the present moment, resonated deeply with me. By incorporating gestalt principles into my practice, I strive to create a warm and supportive space for individuals to gain deeper insights into their thoughts, feelings, and patterns.


Since 2023

Member of NIP, Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen.

Since 2017

Member of COPSI, Colegiul Psihologilor din Romania (Romanian Institute of Pscyhologists)

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